What is Guildstreet?

Back in the Middle Ages groups of merchants came together to form Guilds or trade associations.  Trade associations were an old idea inherited from ancient Rome, and the medieval Guilds adapted this idea into sustainable economic success that survived plague and war.  Guilds controlled trade standards and fostered business collaborations and trading links that brought incredible economic prosperity to Europe.  Trade exploded and in time led to world exploration and to modern commerce.  We’ve come a long way from an agriculture-based economy!

Guildstreet is named after the many medieval streets where numerous small business owners worked and thrived.  We believe in the power of today’s small businesses to bring prosperity by exploring and connecting and collaborating and sharing services.

So how can we help your business?  We provide bookkeeping services, reporting, grant writing and other services that support your business success.

Give us a call – we handle the book work for you so that you have the freedom to concentrate on your business success.

Keren Houlgate

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